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What does it offer Young People

The Alexander Technique has been used for many years within the music departments of our top private schools, such as Eton and Malbourgh and Universities and Colleges. However, over the last 20 years, the Alexander Technique has been applied in a wider context throughout education and the curriculum with great effect.


•Understand and manage reactions to stress and conflict better.

•Improve emotional resilience and improve impulse control.

•Increase physical and emotional literacy and aid a growth mindset.

•Increase intelligent self awareness and embodied mindfulness.

It also importantly makes the learning process more comfortable.
They learn how to;

•Sit poised and balanced with less effort thus reducing the likelihood of back pain, an ever-growing problem.

•Write, read, use a computer, play sport and musically instruments etc without excess tension and in a more co-ordinated way.

•Focus with more ease, have easy attention.

•Be open to learning – understanding that making mistakes is all part of learning and not to be feared. We can learn from our mistakes and become better at something (by staying with the process and being less focused only on the end result).

Alexander work with adults is often seen as a re-education; unlearning, undoing unhelpful habits and consciously reinstating a more efficient and effective way of thinking and doing things. The BIG advantage of introducing Alexander Technique at an early stage of child development is that for example, children of nursery age mostly have naturally good use and older children’s bad habits are not as ingrained as adults. By bringing them conscious knowledge of this natural poise and use, AT is able to reinforce good use and give children the skills to maintain it through their education and into their life beyond.

I OFFER YOUNG PEOPLE a range of ways to learn these self-care skills. I teach through games, drawing, writing, story telling and many different physical activities.

Please contact me for more information.

Esther’s gentle, calm manner and her knowledge of working with children have quickly made her one of our favourite Alexander teachers at Educare Small School. She has brought her own ideas and ways of working to the Alexander Technique curriculum already in place, and the children love working with her. Elizabeth Steinthal, Head Teacher, Educare Small School

The Usefulness of Teaching Alexander Technique Principles to Young Children, Body Learning Podcast

I talk with Robert Rickover about ways in which young children can benefit from being exposed to the principles of the Alexander Technique.
Click here to listen to the 20 min interview

I took part in a second podcast with Robert Rickover, this interview is called Applying Alexander Technique Principles in an Early Childhood Education Setting. Its about some of the work as an Alexander teacher with kindergarten and primary age children. Click here to listen.

Mind/Body Wellbeing Skills Training. how to be good under pressure

New Workshop for Teens

This workshop is designed to give teens a practical understanding of how our bodies and minds deal with stress and anxiety, and teaches useful and effective skills which they can apply to their everyday lives.

The workshop includes includes:

-A practical understanding of how our bodies react in stressful situations.
-Learning how we can choose to respond with greater ease.
-The power of pausing.
-How to release excess muscular tension and be freer and more poise.
-3 questions to help embodied mindfulness and release.
-3 Easy movements for presence and release
-Constructive Rest (semi-supine) - How to find a quiet mind and easy body.
-Discussion of how to put these new stress busting skills into practice.

The workshop allows the participants to explore these ideas very practically, and teaches skills that can be applied in any stressful situation for example; during study and exam stress, within the performance arts, in presentations and interviews, during competitive sports. It can also help teens deal better with anxiety, overwhelm and tiredness.

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