Esther Miltiadous BSc Hons, MSc, MSTAT Alexander Technique for Oakwood and Enfield

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Practical Mind-Body Self-Care Skills with the Alexander Technique in Oakwood & Southgate, North London

Do you suffer with:

  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Back and shoulder pain or neck problems
  • Headaches
  • Problems with balance or
  • Reoccurring injuries

    Do you want to:
  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce stress
  • Rehabilitate after an operation, injury or illness
  • Be more focused
  • Be more mindful

    With these practical mind-body self-care skills you will learn to:
  • Release harmful tension to prevent wear and tear on your body.
  • Rediscover the natural ease, poise, support and freedom of movement you had when a child.
  • Be more aware of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally - to learn to move more mindfully through life.

    Alexander Technique teaches people of any age (I teach children of 3 and above to wonderful older people in their 90s!) the skills to deal with many of life's challenges. With children it is a fun part of their mind-body education (click here to see a short film inc. my work with children) with adults it can be seen as a re-education, undoing inefficient habits and learning more useful ones. It provides skills for life!

    So try some new ways to become less tense and more poised. Book your first consultation and lesson today, I will be happy to answer any of your questions and book you in.

    '97% of people with back pain could benefit by learning the Alexander Technique'. Jack Stern - Spinal Neurosurgeon.

  • ONLINE Alexander Technique Lessons

    I am teaching online. Teaching online empowers clients to take charge of their Alexander learning by applying it to everyday activities between lessons, building embodied awareness and Alexander self-care tools. Teaching online may not have the therapeutic hands-on experience that is part of face-to-face lessons, but it is a very useful way to learn the technique.
    If you would like to find out more about my online lessons contact me for more information and/or to book a FREE 30 mins TASTER SESSION to see how it can work for you. Click here for more details.


    I am a London based Alexander Technique teacher working mainly in the Oakwood/ Southgate area, but I am happy to give workshops, talks and group classes in other areas of North London, Enfield, Hertfordshire and further afield.
    My main place of work is just a 10 min walk from Oakwood Tube station, which is on the Piccadilly Line. There is also easy parking available for those that drive (there are no parking restrictions).

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    I am offering a weekly 20 mins constructive rest / relaxation class via Zoom at 1.00pm on Wednesdays. Please contact me for more details. All levels of experience welcome, however, if you have not had AT lessons before please contact me to arrange a short chat before coming to a class.

    Learning Alexander Technique has completely eradicated my chronic shoulder pain. Not only that, but Esther has improved the quality of my life in lots of little but very important ways – whether it’s sitting in a better position when working at a computer, standing in a crowded train carriage without putting strain on my legs and hips, or doing housework and exercise without hurting or over-exerting myself.
    Alison Potter, Editor at Which ?

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