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Lessons - I teach all ages from 8 years and upwards.

Online lessons offer a great opportunity to experience the power of Alexander Technique's self-care skills training in a convenient way. Learn to look after yourself, body and mind, during this difficult period and going forward.

Please note that I am only offering online lessons at the moment

Payment can be arranged through online banking or PayPal, just contact me for details.

If you haven't tried an online lesson before, I offer a 30 MINS FREE TASTER SESSION when we can go through all the technical aspects of teaching this way and see what works for you. Online lessons can be combined with in-person lessons.

Please contact me via email or call to text me to find out more. 1-2-1 online and in-person lessons are £45.


The first lesson takes about an hour, after that lessons are approximately 45 minutes. In the first lesson I take a brief history of any problems or reasons that may have lead the client to seek lessons. I find out what they want to achieve and talk through what the student is likely to expect from lessons.
Lessons involve gentle, non-invasive hands on work with verbal explanations that help the student think about their use. clients will be guided through simple movements or everyday activities and part of the lesson may include lying down in semi supine (on an Alexander table), this helps the back relax and expand. Lessons are very much tailored to the individual. I provide handouts/ memory aids to accompany the lessons.

When I teach children, I teach through story telling, games and activities that are age appropriate. With primary school age children I teach the parent or care giver and the child together. This helps reinforce learning and makes it fun and friendly. Teens can have individual lessons, but it is always helpful for a parent or care giver to experience a lesson too.

Clients are advised to wear comfortable everyday clothing, that allows easy movement.

Please feel free to tap on the email enquiry, or phone for further information.

The number of lessons you need all depends. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal (see Links/research/Articles) demonstrated that long-term benefits can be obtained from as few as six lessons, but that 20 lessons led to more significant change. Many people find lessons extremely interesting and helpful and continue having lessons well beyond this point. You are an active participant in the Alexander Technique learning experience, you get out of it what you put in, it can be a very empowering process.

I first had lessons with Esther in 2015/16, which I found very beneficial. In 2018, following an operation I decided to rebook a series of 10 lessons to reconnect with the practice and to help me recuperate.
I was extremely please that I did so. Esther’s gentle guidance and hands on expertise led me to a deeper understanding of AT. I gained a new sense of body awareness and rediscovered the ability to apply AT in my everyday activities.
I would recommend rebooking lessons with Esther as there is always something new to take away from each lesson.
Rosemary Heams

Lessons & Workshops. mum and me

“My kids aged 10 and 8 have benefitted enormously from their course of lessons with Esther… I really can’t praise her enough! They were both getting quite scrunched up from school desks and using computers. I am so pleased and relieved at the difference in the way they now hold themselves. Esther has a lovely calm and positive teaching style; very responsive to the children’s input and full of humour and games but also excellent at keeping them focussed on the lesson. They loved seeing her and always looked forward to coming. I also gained a lot personally from their lessons, even though they were meant for the kids – I would highly recommend Esther whatever your age group! She will make you feel better!" Kate

Lessons & Workshops. Henry drums

Talks, Workshops and Classes

I have given introductory talks, workshops and classes for a variety of different groups including physiotherapists, Enfield Music Service string teachers, parents and teachers from local primary schools and elderly retirement home residents. Workshops have varied in length and content. Workshops are generally one and a half to 3 hours long, and cover many aspects of the Alexander Technique including embodied mindfulness, basic principles of AT, balance and co-ordination, constructive rest, hands on work and benefits of AT for musicians.

Testimony from Bedmond WI, Hertfordshire, April 2018
Esther and her 2 colleagues came to talk to us recently about the Alexander Technique. They were extremely nice, informative, & encouraged us all to move around & improve our posture when moving, sitting & lying down. We were also reminded about the importance of breathing correctly. They moved amongst us as we were sitting to gently help us keep our shoulders down & back & generally improve our posture. All members who wished to were able to actively participate, including a visually impaired member & one or two in their 80's/90's. All members found it enjoyable & helpful, & felt better as a result of the guidance & insight received.

Thank you, Esther & friends.
Janette Noonan
Bedmond W.I.

February’s workshop, 2018

How to Look after your Back and Neck in Everyday Activities

This workshop used the Alexander Technique to help think about how best to do everyday activities without creating excess tension and wear on our joints. Activities explored included bending down, picking objects up and reaching. We also looked at ways to prevent neck, shoulder, arm and hand strain while using our phones/computers.

Some Feedback
‘Welcoming and friendly’

‘Esther’s teaching is very easy to follow. Her explanations are clear and she has a calm and friendly approach. I found the workshop interesting and I hope to incorporate the methods taught’

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