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9th December 2016 
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International Alexander Awareness Week 10th - 16th October 2016

Smart Phone! Smart Posture?

During the month of October I am offering a beginners course of 6 lessons for 200
(Normal price 240)

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Text neck is the term used to describe the pain and damage caused to the neck, back and spine from looking down at electronic devices over a prolonged period of time. It is one of the most common causes of back pain and headaches and is an alarming epidemic affecting even young children.

Back pain is already one of the biggest causes of absenteeism in the workplace. This is now being compounded with the additional symptoms associated with people looking down at devices for too long – for some people, a good majority of their day.

In the short term, users tend to suffer with stiff necks and shoulders but long term, the unseen damage can become more serious, resulting in disc degeneration and prolonged pain.

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To prevent the impact of text neck, The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique recommends dropping your eyes to the device first and then gently tipping your head on top of your neck, instead of habitually dropping your head and neck forward and collapsing down through the torso. The best way of achieving this new good habit is through the guidance of Alexander Technique Teacher so book your lesson now.

STAT also recommends spending one day during that week becoming aware of how you hold your body when using a mobile device.

We want people to spend a day being conscious of how they use their bodies when holding electronic devices. If you catch yourself dropping your neck down and slumping , be active in trying to change that habit, think tall, drop your eyes and tip your head to see the screen. Even if you only manage for a few minutes, it’s a huge step forward in being aware of what could be causing your evening headaches.

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The Alexander Technique in Oakwood & Southgate, North London

Do you suffer with:

  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Back pain or neck problems
  • Headaches
  • problems with balance
  • Repetative injuries.
  • Anxiety

    Do you want to:
  • Rehabilitate after an operation, injury or illness
  • Be more confident giving presentations
  • be more focused with less strain
  • be more mindful
  • Reduce stress and performance anxiety.

    With the Alexander Technique you will learn to:
  • Release harmful tension to prevent wear and tear on your body
  • Rediscover the natural ease, poise, support and freedom of movement you had when a child
  • Be more aware of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally - to learn to move more mindfully through life.

    The Alexander Technique has been endorsed by doctors, scientists and medical researchers.
    '97% of people with back pain could benefit by learning the Alexander Technique'. Jack Stern - Spinal Neurosurgeon.
    The latest and most comprehensive study about back pain and the effectiveness of AT published in the British Medical Journal, showed the Alexander Technique can reduce back pain by up to 85% and offered significant long-term benefits. Click here for more details and short films about the study and its findings.

  • I am featured in Woman's Weekly

    In the magazine's June 21st Issue, Health Choices page I give an interview on what lead me into the Alexander Technique, what its about, how I work as an Alexander Technique teacher and what a lesson might be like.

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    I am an Alexander Technique teacher based in the Oakwood/ Southgate area mainly, but I am happy to give workshops and group classes in other areas of North London and Enfield and further afield.
    My main place of work is just a 10 min walk from Oakwood Tube station, which is on the Piccadilly Line. There is also easy parking available for those that drive (there are no parking restrictions).

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